Enabling the Gig Economy of Web 3 via Gaming.

Playmake is bridging the gap between web 3 gaming organizations & global gig workers in developing nations.


Size of Gig Economy in 2021

The nature of 'work' is rapidly evolving, creating fluid gig work opportunities globally.

Web 3 organizations we support

Our Approach

Job Creation

Our mission is to create jobs for individuals in developing nations via web 3 gaming.

Play & Earn

Complete in-game tasks & world building to earn cryptocurrency.

Game Studio Partnerships

Partner with indie gaming studios to increase adoption & guide future development.

Web 3 Infrastructure

We seek opportunities to invest in the infrastructure that is building the future of web 3 gaming.



Gamers globally


Web 3 organizations we work with


# of continents we employ


Gig work waitlist

Looking for a web 3 gaming job opportunity or partnership?


"There are no work opportunity in my country. The work provided by Playmake is helping me save up to immigrate to Portgal."


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